Welcome to the mystical realm of Rosengael. A land where all manners of races gather to trade secrets and more. The beauty and amazing arcane abilities found in the rose gardens that are strewn throughout the realm can be both wonderful and terrifying. In the main city of Rosengard, power and corruption reign supreme over the political “peace” that has been in place for three years. The secrets held by the many Rosengard city officials threaten to overpower their interests and lead to the demise of the city dwellers themselves.

Your Quest

Your Quest should you choose to accept it is to meet with fellow adventurers within Rosengard to determine how to proceed. Talk with people of the city whether noble or downtrodden, scholarly or seemingly unwise to search out the root of evil that is bringing the town and with it the realm to it’s downfall.


You’ve been invited to a bar “Rosenhaus” settled just inside the walls of Rosengard. The invite arrived with no address and the courier (even under threat of poison or death) was unable to name who had sent the invitation out to you. So as you approach the city you ponder how to proceed, continue to “Rosenhaus” as the invite beckons or seek out some information before you proceed to the bar.